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EPA: Fracking chemicals likely tainted Wyoming drinking water

Chemicals used in a controversial method of natural gas extraction known as hydrolic fracturing, or “fracking,” have likely tainted well water used for drinking supplies in Wyoming, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said Thursday. The agency said Thursday night that it discovered high levels of benzene in well water near…

Study proves regulations killed practically no jobs

In three straight recent weekly addresses, Republicans have asserted that “excessive government regulations” are keeping businesses from creating jobs. On the contrary, recent government data proves that in the third quarter of 2010 only 0.4 percent of jobs were lost due to government regulations or intervention. “With our economy struggling…

BP ignores government order to stop using toxic oil dispersant in Gulf

Professor says chemicals ‘worse than oil’; Corexit substance also known as ‘deodorized kerosene’, poses risk to man and animal alike After initially approving a chemical oil dispersant called Corexit, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency retracted it’s allowance and ordered British Petroleum to stop dumping the mysterious chemical substance by Sunday.…

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