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Hayes calls out Erick Erickson’s ‘cheap lie’ on public workers

The Nation‘s editor-at-large Chris Hayes debuted his new weekend show on MSNBC Saturday morning, slamming Red State founder Erick Erickson for his smear of killed federal workers. In his closing monologue, Hayes described the recent events creating the current political climate around the country. In a mixture of “What we…

Trust in soothing fictions to stop mass murder?

In what may really win the award for tastelessness in the ongoing contest of conservatives to see who can deflect criticism of their lies and eliminationist rhetoric the hardest, Erick Erickson may win with using the occasion of the attempted murder of a Jewish congresswoman (and the deaths of six…

They’re coming for your flushes!

The main thing I got from Erick Erickson’s rants about how he’s going to threaten American Community Survey workers with death if they try to survey him is that he thinks that embryos have more moral value than government workers. Though there is some hair-splitting there. As Digby notes, Erickson…

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