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Family Reseach Council honored with ‘Cameronesque’ Award

Tony Perkins and his crew at the professional “Christian” homo-hate machine, the Family Research Council, has earned the prestigious Box Turtle Bulletin Cameronesque Award for its production of the mind-boggling brochure, “The Slippery Slope of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’.”. That’s the organization’s entry into the battle to pass Prop 8 in California.…

Family Research Council in desperate need of design skilz

This is what happens when fundies avoid the creative class because of teh gay, and are left with graphic designers without any sense of style. In the Family Reseach Council’s latest e-blast, look at the icon designed to represent “traditional marriage” – a genitals-free, shapeless Play-doh figure. I think that…

Stephen Colbert interviews FRC’s Tony Perkins

I forgot to post this gem – Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council delivers his response to the California Supreme Court ruling on marriage to Stephen Colbert. Ah, Tony’s a real masochist — who knew? PageOneQ: “I’ve read the constitution forwards and backwards,” Colbert continued, “and I see nothing…

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