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Discover the qualifications for FRC founder Dr. George Rekers’ travel assistant/luggage carrier

Values at the Values Voter Summit – Obama as a Muslim Aunt Jemima

UPDATE: FRC must have received a lot of blowback because it’s issued a press release to respond to this bigoted tripe. See it below the fold. The Values Voter Summit is taking place this weekend, and along with the usual bloviating and bible-beating rhetoric, we have the high-minded Dominionists of…

Family Reseach Council honored with ‘Cameronesque’ Award

Tony Perkins and his crew at the professional “Christian” homo-hate machine, the Family Research Council, has earned the prestigious Box Turtle Bulletin Cameronesque Award for its production of the mind-boggling brochure, “The Slippery Slope of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’.”. That’s the organization’s entry into the battle to pass Prop 8 in California.…