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‘Liking’ companies on Facebook could give away your right to sue them

Be careful what you like online, Facebookers. General Mills has quietly added fine print alerting consumers that they give up their right to sue the food manufacturer when they download coupons, interact with the company on social media, or enter company-sponsored sweepstakes, the New York Times reported. These new terms…

Comedian John Fugelsang comes out of the ‘CLOSET’ against ‘gay cereal’

Current TV host John Fugelsang joined Frank “TV’s Frank” Conniff in the CLOSET on Tuesday — or at least, a fake activist group they said was taking a stand against “gay cereal.” “Our new non-profit non-political 501 c(4) is Cereal Lovers Opposing Sodomite Equality Today,” Fugelsang explained, on the heels…