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Americans ‘morbidly’ want Sarah Palin as president: Satirical survey

A majority of Americans said they would merely vote for Sarah Palin for US president to experience the craziness she would unleash in high office, according to a new satirical poll. “In an Onion News Network survey, 62 percent of Americans said that even though they don’t support Sarah Palin’s…

Fox News anchor advocates Internet ID system to ‘tone down the viciousness’

The host of the Fox News Channel’s “On The Record With Greta Van Susteren” suggested an identification system for Internet users seeking to post and comment at online venues, predicting it would lighten up the national dialogue. “I guarantee this would tone down the viciousness on the internet (and not…

Van Susteren runs opinion poll on her intelligence — and loses

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren was so upset by a recent viewer email calling her stupid that she put up an opinion poll asking followers to rate who’s smarter — Van Susteren or her detractor, “Brian.” “Who is dumber?” the poll asks. “Greta? Or Brian for spending his time…

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