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Anti-surveillance petition gathers enough signatures for White House response

Anti-surveillance petition out-does the Death Star. White House must now respond (via Pando Daily) By Hamish McKenzie On December 12, 2013A couple of days ago, it looked like Mark Stanley’s “We The People” petition asking for reform of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act would fall well short of the 100,000…

After being played by anti-abortion activists, Buzzfeed must decide: Is a community platform or an editorial publication?

BuzzFeed has a Medium problem (via Pando Daily) By Hamish McKenzie On August 28, 2013BuzzFeed ought to thank anti-abortion group Personhood USA, which has exposed a serious flaw in the upstart publication’s system. With a BuzzFeedalicious listicle detailing why Planned Parenthood is the work of……