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Rising hate speech in Japan has even some on far right saying ‘enough’

Shin-Okubo is where Tokyo residents go when they want a fix of Korean food and pop culture. The busy neighborhood is home to dozens of restaurants specializing in Korea’s spicy cuisine and stores crammed with souvenirs inspired by the stars of K-Pop…  …

Why not censorship

The issue of “Why not censorship?” came up in the thread below making fun of the Buttman videos and the rationalizations you hear for misogynist, racist pornography. I denounced censorship as firmly as I could to quell the “FEMINISTS ARE ALL PRUDES AND CENSORS” nonsense, but then of course I…

Calling all comment gurus:
Raw Story is looking for you!

Have some time on your hands and want to improve the Raw Story experience? Raw Story is seeking several volunteer comment moderators to help improve and steer discussion on our articles. Prior to the release of our current story system, all of our comments were moderated — which left myriad…