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Owning car, TV linked to heart attacks: study

PARIS — Car owners with a television are 27 percent more likely to suffer heart attacks than people who have neither, according to a global study on physical exercise and heart disease published Wednesday. More broadly, the study — covering more than 29,000 people in 52 countries — showed that…

Broken heart boosts risk of cardiac attacks: study

Grief over the death of a loved one can cause a huge spike in a person’s risk of heart attack, especially in the early days after the loss, said a US study on Monday. The research tracked nearly 2,000 adults who survived a heart attack and found that among those…

I’m Completely Sympathetic To Your Stupid Whiny Baby Shit

In case you hadn’t heard, diabetes drug Avandia is coming under fire for maybe causing heart attacks, maybe. About 83,000, by the government’s estimate. It’s kind of a big deal, if you think 83,000 people having heart attacks they shouldn’t have had matters. Of course, giant slalom is on, so…

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