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Dead man elected mayor of Tennessee town

‘If he were to run again next week I’d vote for him again’ A dead man was elected mayor of a small Tennessee town eager to oust a woman who’d been appointed to the job after the previous mayor died, local media reports. Carl Robin Geary Sr., a local alderman…

Taser zaps California man’s short-term memory: claim

A California man is the first to make TASER International the sole defendant in an injury lawsuit. Steve Butler had a cardiac arrest after being shocked multiple times. Butler’s brain was deprived of oxygen for 18 minutes causing him to lose almost all short-term memory. On October 7, 2006, Santa…

Released from hospital, Limbaugh pronounces US health system ‘just dandy’

Outspoken US conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh left hospital in Hawaii on Friday after a heart scare, and took a veiled swipe at President Barack Obama’s plans to reform health care. Limbaugh, the multi-millionaire high priest of talk radio, who is a hugely influential figure in Republican politics, said doctors…

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