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Kerry denies Libyan no-fly zone would be ‘military intervention’

Not everyone thinks that bombing Libyan targets in the process of creating a no-fly zone would amount to an attack on the country. Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry (D-MA) Sunday disagreed with the Obama administration’s view that bombing military targets to set up a no-fly zone would mean…

NATO allies debate Libya military option

BRUSSELS — As US warships entered the Mediterranean Wednesday, NATO allies were divided on whether to use military might in Libya while Moamer Kadhafi warned that any Western foray would leave thousands dead. The United States and Britain have raised the possibility of creating a no-fly zone to prevent Kadhafi…

Gaddafi warns of bloodbath if West intervenes

TRIPOLI – Libyan strongman Moamer Kadhafi warned on Wednesday “thousands” would die if the West intervened to support the uprising against him, as rebels drove back an attack by his forces on an eastern town. The chilling warning came as western powers dampened expectations of any early imposition of a…

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