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Hartline: ‘California Fires Rage As Gay Marriage Protesters Defy God’

OMFG. He’s at it again — recloseted homosexual and anti-gay activist James Hartline is ensuring his place in the nutbag hall of fame with another one of his rants on Acts of GodTM being caused by TEH GAYZ. God keeps trying to get their attention. They, for their part, are…

Hartline: ‘Lesbians Terrorize San Diego Community During 2008 Political March’

I haven’t covered James Hartline, the fundamentalist, recloseted gay man who hails from the “homosexual stronghold” of Hillcrest in San Diego, CA, in a while. He is a failed City Council candidate, but he is best known for his mind-boggling anti-gay screeds on gay rodeos, San Diego Pride (multiple times),…