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Comedian Jamie Kilstein on how to be a feminist: ‘Don’t be a d*ck to women’

If you’re a man who’s not sure what it means to be a feminist, comedian Jamie Kilstein has some simple advice. “Don’t be a d*ck,” said Kilstein in a video posted on his YouTube channel. “Listen to women. Don’t be a d*ck to women. Easy, right?” The author and radio…

Jamie Kilstein debates religion with John Fugelsang: God is a ‘sociopath’ if he exists

FXX late-night talk show host W. Kamau Bell tried to settle the question of the existence of God for once and for all on Tuesday with a debate between two comedians, believer John Fugelsang and atheist Jamie Kilstein. Fugelsang explained that his mother was an ex-nun and his father was…