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ICC urges Libya to hand over Kadhafi’s son

Libya must hand over Seif al-Islam, the son of Moamer Kadhafi, to the International Criminal Court, an official said Saturday, while holding out the prospect of a trial in Tripoli. An ICC spokesman said chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampowould travel to Libya next week for talks with the new regime, as world leaders called on the…

What was actually ‘twirling around’ in Cain’s head

Herman Cain claims that he struggled badly to answer a question about Libya on Monday because he did not get enough sleep. Thanks to the folks over at BuzzFeed, Americans can now see what all of the stuff “twirling around” in the presidential candidate’s head actually was. Watch video below:…

Thoughts on Libya

I’ve been asked about this a couple of times, and Obama’s powerful speech last night creates an opportunity to talk about it: The military action in Libya. I hope Juan Cole is right and I’m wrong on this, but my skepticism is firm. There’s always a chance this could become…

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