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Peter Gabriel deconstructs music, reconstructs world

PARIS (AFP) – Peter Gabriel strips songs to their bare essentials in his latest album, the first in eight years, but he is as passionate about new technologies and saving the world as he is about music. Looking forward to a concert tour to promote “Scratch My Back”, the former…

Scientist eyes 39-day voyage to Mars

WASHINGTON — A journey from Earth to Mars could soon take just 39 days — cutting current travel time nearly six times — according to a rocket scientist who has the ear of the US space agency. Franklin Chang-Diaz, a former astronaut and a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of…

Obama aide: Plans for new moon mission are ‘dead’

A plan to return US astronauts to the moon “is dead,” a White House adviser on space issues said Friday, confirming reports that NASA will instead focus on developing commercial space transport. “Constellation is dead,” the adviser told AFP on condition of anonymity, referring to a program that envisioned returning…

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