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‘Experts’ justify profiling, body scanners with familiar paranoid rhetoric

In the wake of the failed Christmas Day attack on a Detroit-bound flight, a large number of so-called experts have raised the ire of civil libertarians in their pursuit of increasingly draconian security measures. Appearing on Fox News Saturday, a retired U.S. general called for “very serious, harsh profiling,” singling…

Retired US general wants Muslim men ‘strip searched’ at airports

Retired Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney wants to get young Muslim men naked in the worst way. Awkward as that sentence sounds, it is an accurate description of the former US Air Force general’s comments during a recent Fox News broadcast. “We’ve got to go to more than just the normal…

This Splinter In My Finger? Probably Muslim

I find it touching that conservatives are willing to apply a deftness of perception and distinction between themselves and James von Brunn that they aren’t willing to apply to the billion Muslims around the world. With the second such right wing terrorist attack in as many weeks, conservatives are scrambling…

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