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Christie: My job is tougher than Obama’s

Despite inheriting a recession, two wars and a myriad of other problems, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) doesn’t think President Barack Obama’s job is harder than his. Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday morning, Christie continued his support for Mitt Romney in the GOP presidential race. But he decided…

I guess we have to call them “Sharia tomatoes” now

I’ve been told that Chris Christie is too imperious and too much of a bully to win the Republican nomination, and my feeling on that is that Republicans like imperious bullies (see: John McCain), so I don’t see how that could hurt him. I mean, it will in the general,…

Well, It Is A Day That Ends In “Y”

So it must be time for the Wall Street Journal to propose a health insurance reform that would save insurance companies money. It’s refreshing when you wake up knowing exactly what’s going to happen. Today’s idea is that we should remove interstate barriers to insurance sales, because of all the…

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