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We call them the Cracker Taliban for a reason

Sorry about the gaping silence from my end. Explanations will be issued tomorrow. Pam already posted on this, but I thought I’d highlight this video and blog post from Right Wing Watch about the Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina that decided to mark Halloween by having a…

Carrie Prejean brings ‘opposite marriage’ message to NC Conservative Leadership Conference

Dammit, instead of going to the animal shelter to see the dogs, Kate and I should have taken the opportunity to rub shoulders with the queen of Opposite Marriage in the wingnut movement, disgraced Miss California Carrie Prejean, who was in the Triangle to stimulate intellectual discussion during her lunch…

Keeping the hope alive for a couple more hours

One more blogathon post and I’m taking a break for a couple hours to run errands. Use this thread to recommend music from musicians from Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and maybe Indiana and Missouri. Indiana will be fun (Jackson family), but I’m less than convinced that they’re going to…

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