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Japan reels as second blast rocks nuclear plant

SENDAI, Japan (AFP) – A new explosion at a stricken nuclear power plant hit Japan Monday as it raced to avert a meltdown after a quake-tsunami disaster that is feared to have killed more than 10,000 people. Searchers found 2,000 bodies in northeastern Miyagi region alone, while millions of Japanese…

US should prepare for future cyber attacks: NSA chief

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – The US National Security Agency (NSA) chief on Thursday urged top computer security specialists to harden the nation’s critical infrastructure against inevitable destructive cyber attacks. “This is an important time,” NSA and Cyber Command director Gen. Keith Alexander said during a presentation at a premier RSA…

Iran claims computer worm is Western plot

Iran claims computer worm is Western plot to sabotage nuclear program Iran claimed Tuesday that a computer worm found on the laptops of several employees at the country’s nuclear power plant is part of a covert Western plot to derail its nuclear program. Iranian officials have suggested in recent days…

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