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Wingnuts long for a nuclear holocaust

So this video has been making the rounds, and my initial urge was to bucket this kind of rhetoric into same right wing tendency to allow their overactive, violent, hypermasculinity-worshiping imaginations to get the better of them. Which it totally is in no small part. They ache for war because…

Pandagon knows how to fight terrorism

Oh no, we’re falling behind! Please step up and help us stuff the ballot box in a contest that’s all about ballot box stuffing. Remember, you can vote once a day. To make it worse, our worthy opposition has (gasp!) gone negative. (Cue faux outrage from supporters and sad and…

This Is What It Sounds Like When Doves Spit On Your Grave

Mumbles the Press Secretary has determined that Osama bin Laden wasn’t behind 9/11. I’m kind of okay with her falling into a deep, dark hole and people passing by the vague mumbling until she claws her way out. Just saying.…

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