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Take Responsibility

Last night on Hardball, I watched Pat Buchanan take on Michael Eric Dyson on Eric Holder’s comments about America’s cowardice in terms of discussing race. First, what Holder said was true. Second, watching that show was like watching a ferret take on a uncovered table fan. Jonah Goldberg’s take is…

Clueless White People On Display

Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan are grilling Jesse Jackson, Jr. on why the Democratic Party gets so many African-American votes yet has so few black senators, and will have none if Obama becomes President. I’m trying to imagine worse people to have a dumber conversation, and utterly failing. I’m seeing…

Emptying Out The Benches

I think that one of my favorite things today is going to see which F-grade pundits get toted out to fill the next 18 hours of coverage on the news networks. MSNBC’s staying with four hours of former GOP Representative Joe Scarborough, who sits with moderate conservative radio host Mike…

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