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Town votes to fire libtard-hating Pennsylvania police chief, but he won’t go quietly

An eastern Pennsylvania police chief who’s become nationally notorious for his foul-mouthed tirades about liberals and guns will have one more chance to plead his case before he’s likely to be fired. Town council members in Gilberton, Pa., voted 6-1 to terminate borough police chief Mark Kessler following a closed-door…

Pennsylvania police chief defends ‘libtards’ rant: ‘Cops are there to clean up the mess’

Embattled Gilberton, Pennsylvania police Chief Mark Kessler told WTXF-TV he had no regrets about the profanity-filled gun video that put his job at risk, while also seemingly arguing against his own department’s capabilities. “If somebody thinks they can dial 911 and the cops will come and save them that is…