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Mexico’s peyote casts mind-bending spell on tourists

Gisele Beker, a 26-year-old Argentinian, trudged for hours in scorching sun to the sprawling Wirikuta desert, craving peyote, the cactus hallucinogen locals in Mexico deem sacred. Joined by three Mexican friends, Beker was living her dream as part of a new wave of tourists taking a trip for a trip…

Long Beach drug bust nets pot, peyote, shrooms, snakes, spiders and a scorpion

Authorities in Long Beach, California said Friday that a home was set ablaze by an unknown arsonist hours after a Thursday narcotics raid that uncovered a cache of hallucinogenic mushrooms and growing equipment, 22 marijuana plants, peyote and a number of exotic animals. Investigators believe the fire was set through…