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UPDATED: 99 Percent Declaration Working Group announces convention in Philadelphia for July

UPDATE (Feb. 23): A statement released from the Occupy Wall Street PR Working Group today clarified that the planned assembly is not an official project generated by the movement. “The 99% Declaration and its call for a ‘national general assembly’ in Philadelphia in July is not affiliated with or endorsed…

‘Occupy Philadelphia’ avoids scheduled eviction

Update: As of 6:15, Michael Tracey tweets, “Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan indicates police will *not* be forcibly evicting @OccupyPhilly tonight.” However, protesters remain prepared for anything to happen. Following the passing of a 5:00 PM Sunday deadline issued by the City of Philadelphia for the eviction of Occupy Philadelphia protesters…

Security theater jumps yet another shark

Yea, us! American paranoia about terrorism—which of course is mixed up with paranoia about difference—has finally reached a new apex of stupidity. Though of course there is room to grow even dumber with the security theater, but this one just has a certain resonance of moronic. A teenage airplane passenger…

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