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Hubble catches planet being devoured by its star

WASHINGTON — The Hubble space telescope has discovered a planet in our galaxy in the process of being devoured by the star that it orbits, according to a paper published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. The doomed planet, dubbed WASP-12b, has the highest known surface temperature of any planet in…

‘Green tea party’ closes US Earth Day celebrations

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Washington played host to another ‘tea party’ rally, but this time the tea was green and the message of the thousands who gathered on the National Mall was about the environment, not anti-government. “It’s nice to be at a tea party,” British pop icon Sting said Sunday,…

Experts confirm asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Dinosaurs were wiped out by a huge asteroid that smashed into Earth 65 million years ago with the force of a billion atomic bombs, scientists said, hoping to lay an age-old debate to rest once and for all. The definitive verdict came from an international panel of…

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