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Ignoring child rape scandals, pope says faith means not being ‘intimidated’ by ‘petty gossip’

Marking the start of the Christian holy week this Palm Sunday at the Vatican, Pope Benedict encouraged followers to keep faith in Christ as a way of strengthening themselves against “intimidation,” even as the pope himself had become accused of protecting priests who, in the words of one recent critic,…

Man accuses pope of protecting school for the deaf’s pedophile priest

ST FRANCIS, Milwaukee — A US man claiming he was abused by a predator priest accused of molesting scores of deaf boys said Thursday Pope Benedict XVI knew about the latest sex scandal to rock the church and should be held accountable for it. “The pope knew about this. He…

British priest defends urging people to shoplift

LONDON — A British priest who advised vulnerable people to shoplift defended his remarks on Tuesday, arguing that those abandoned by society often had no choice but to turn to crime. Father Tim Jones, a parish priest in York, northern England, caused a media storm when he advised his congregation…

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