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US unions vow to fight Republican attacks

DETROIT, Michigan – Embattled US union leaders met here Thursday and cast themselves as the defenders of the middle class, vowing to fight Republican attacks on teachers and government workers. “There’s a new generation of ideologues — I don’t even want to call them Republicans — out there that want…

Ohio plan to curb union rights unpopular: poll

CHICAGO – Republican plans to curtail union rights are unpopular with Ohio voters who also disapprove of how the US state’s newly-elected governor is handling his job, a poll released Wednesday found. Ohio is one of 37 states considering legislation to curtail union rights as Republicans use major gains from…

Wis. unrest exposed GOP strategy to split lower classes, liberal author says

The labor unrest in Wisconsin exposed the Republican Party’s plan to essentially divide-and-conquer the lower classes in America, a liberal author recently wrote. “The Republican strategy is to split the vast middle and working class – pitting unionized workers against non-unionized, public-sector workers against non-public, older workers within sight of…

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