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New ID theft targets kids’ SS numbers

The latest form of identity theft doesn’t depend on stealing your Social Security number. Now thieves are targeting your kid’s number long before the little one even has a bank account. Hundreds of online businesses are using computers to find dormant Social Security numbers — usually those assigned to children…

At trial, Noriega claims Panama drug money a US-run ‘imaginary banking scheme’

Panama’s ex-dictator Manuel Noriega on Tuesday dismissed charges of laundering drug money as an “imaginary banking scheme” concocted by the United States as he took the stand in a French court. The 76-year-old general denied taking payments from Colombian drug lords in the 1980s and told a Paris courtroom that…

Britain to scrap unpopular ID card program‎

LONDON — The new coalition government is to scrap a national identity card scheme introduced by former prime minister Gordon Brown’s administration, it announced Thursday. The scheme will be abolished within 100 days under legislation presented by Home Secretary Theresa May, the first bill to be introduced to parliament by…

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