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Prestigious ‘Scientific American’ calls on U.S. to open doors to LSD, MDMA, pot research

Cannabis, LSD, psilocybin (“magic mushrooms”), MDMA (the “ecstasy” drug) and other psychedelic drugs all have significant potential medical uses, as illustrated in the limited research organizations like the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Science have facilitated over the years. But the war on drugs and resulting classification of those psychoactive substances…

Scientific American on why evo psych is bad biology

Occasionally, desperate sexists, particularly of the Nice Guy® variety, accuse me of being anti-science and practically a creationist because I don’t think that pop evo psych theories are science when it’s all about why the cavemen adhered to gender binaries that presume “The Flintstones” was documentary. I promise, my belief…