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Creative misogynists still unable to imagine letting go of the hate

Salon has an article up about a popular (because it’s still largely legal) form of sexual harassment/assault known by its wannabe rapist fans as “upskirting”. It’s interesting—Tracy Clark-Flory dances around the words “assault” and “harassment”, probably because she doesn’t want the inevitable deluge of men who are defensive of their…

Substance abuse, promiscuity, but what about sexual assault?

I wrote about the DOI scandals yesterday—the graft, the cocaine, the sex that I hoped would make it hook into the public consciousness—but was not aware of something in the report that certainly ranks above mere screwing around and doing drugs in terms of awful. Lindsay, intrepid digger-up-of-shit that she…

Missouri’s Rep. Scott Muschany: This week’s Republican Sexual Hypocrite

Can the GOP keep up the pace of having at least one embarrassing elected official busted per week for violent criminal sexual behavior all the way through to the election? They dipped down into the fetid well to give us Missouri state Rep. Scott Muschany, R-Frontenac. What did he do?…

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