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The limits of anti-violence slogans

Apparently, on that show “Jersey Shore”, there was going to be a scene—highly advertised—where a dude up and punches a woman in the face. What’s unusual about this is that it happened on camera and in a situation where male-on-female violence isn’t that common (that I know of)—they’re not in…

Don’t be That Guy

For the idiots on this thread who are trying to use feminist opposition to sexual harassment and assault as a way to “prove” that feminists have some secret agenda against male lust, I offer a funny story from my college years that has always demonstrated to me why men with…

If we just start calling it “foosnoozle”, then we can declare there’s no more cancer

The wingnut version of a Zen koan: “If a woman is beaten or raped, but shuts up about it and doesn’t tell anyone, did it really happen?” I mean, no one but the abuser knows about it, right? So it’s like it didn’t happen, right? Sure, you weenie liberals might…

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