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Stewart: Fox News can’t hide its erection for Brown

One cable news channel couldn’t hide its excitement as a Republican won Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat Tuesday. Jon Stewart reports that Scott Brown’s victory gave Fox News hosts a giddiness that allows them to even forget those parts of America they hate. The MSNBC anchors may have been depressed as…

Teabagger 2010 opponent shreds McCain aide: ‘You left your brain in the lobby’

WASHINGTON — There may be more to Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) recent outrage at Democrats than meets the eye. Facing a potentially contentious GOP primary next year, McCain and his tea partying opponent are already resorting to heated personal attacks. “Even while still in the hypothetical stage, this race has…

GOP candidate Christie in trouble with the ‘Knights Who Say Ni’

And now for something completely different. Chris Christie, the former Bush-appointed US attorney challenging New Jersey Democratic Governor John Corzine in today’s election, doesn’t seem to know much about copyright law, say members of the British comedy troupe Monty Python. Two former Pythons say Christie blatantly violated copyright law when…

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