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Another Reminder: Feminism Is Not A Birthday Party Thrown For You By Your Mother

Let’s stop fussing and everyone get naked. Callie Beusman of Jezebel has this piece about the supposed overuse of the phrase “slut-shaming” up and boy hoo did it rub me the wrong way. Not that she’s wrong that it’s  overused or that it’s being employed, as jargon often is, to…

Miley Cyrus in tit-for-tat exchange with Sinead O’Connor

Former Disney teen idol turned bad-girl pop star Miley Cyrus hit back Thursday at Sinead O’Connor, rebuffing advice by the Irish singer that she stop prostituting herself for music business bosses. Cyrus, in the headlines repeatedly since her infamous twerking performance at the MTV Video Music Awards show in August,…