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‘Journalism of neutrality is an illusion’ and inadequate to democracy, says professor

If journalism’s role is to help people be meaningful participants in a democratic society then journalism has to take on important questions in the prophetic voice, author and professor Dr. Robert Jensen told Raw Story. “I think the journalism of neutrality is an illusion and I think the journalism that…

Italian top court rejects gay marriage

ROME — Italy’s Constitutional Court on Wednesday rejected legal recognition of gay marriage, saying arguments in its favour were either “unfounded” or “inadmissible.” Courts in Venice and Trento in the northeast sought the court’s opinion after gay rights groups questioned whether the bar to same-sex marriage was a violation of…

British priest defends urging people to shoplift

LONDON — A British priest who advised vulnerable people to shoplift defended his remarks on Tuesday, arguing that those abandoned by society often had no choice but to turn to crime. Father Tim Jones, a parish priest in York, northern England, caused a media storm when he advised his congregation…

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