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Spain 2-0 Honduras

SCORE! SCORE! CHOKE! Almost a great performance from Spain thanks to an almost-cluch performance by one of their star strikers leaves them almost in a good position. A zig-zagging strike for the ages from David Villa after 17 minutes gave the impression Spain was about to open the floodgates. When…

Spain puts the cherry on the WTF sundae

   Hugs all around! Huzzah! And again, we have an unexpected and head-scratching result. In the match-up of #2 Spain and #24 Switzerland, much of it went as most of us imagined it would: Spain out-shot the Swiss 24(8) to 8(3); they held possession 63% of the game; they had 12…

Is McCain senile?

(I’m in Vegas for Blogworld, so I didn’t get to post this; I am very interested in your take on it.) I’m dead serious about McCain; it’s simply not funny at this point, and we’re not talking about a random miscue. John McCain is selling himself as a foreign policy…

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