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What Eliot Spitzer’s new Current TV show really needs to do to get ratings

Do you remember watching disgraced former governor Eliot Spitzer’s TV show on CNN? It’s okay, almost no one does, because it was almost universally terrible — and when they dumped his co-host, Kathleen Parker, it went from terrible to unwatchable. But despite his terrible track record and lack of personal…

Please, for the love of god, will someone get what’s wrong with Eliot Spitzer?

Eliot Spitzer’s trying to make a comeback. Many dudes are on board. Others say, “Lay off the man, he was just horny“. Women, who spend much of their lives trying to tease out “just horny” from “woman-hating freakazoid” (which are sadly conflated in our culture) for their own safety, are…