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Professional fundies squeal over Prop 8 — and the end of the world

In the NYT, the Beltway Dominionists are soiling their diapers at the prospect of the defeat of Prop 8. This is their last stand, and are declaring that religious persecution is around the corner unless it passes. In fact, owner of the KKK’s mailing list, and Family Research Council honcho…

Tony Perkins: If Prop 8 is defeated, the next step — Christians will be jailed

Yeah, baby. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council is on fire with this batsh*t crazy letter to frantic supporters of the Cali marriage amendment. When this measure is defeated, he warns that the prisons will be overrun with fundies. The unhinged letter is below the fold. Is San Quentin…

Stephen Colbert interviews FRC’s Tony Perkins

I forgot to post this gem – Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council delivers his response to the California Supreme Court ruling on marriage to Stephen Colbert. Ah, Tony’s a real masochist — who knew? PageOneQ: “I’ve read the constitution forwards and backwards,” Colbert continued, “and I see nothing…

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