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Friday Genius Ten “Dropping Truth Bombs” Edition

Last night I hopped on #livetweetingabortion (if you don’t know the story, the blogger who live tweeted her abortion blogs here) because I heard it exploded into a frenzy of anti-choicers who, presented with evidence of a real live sexually active woman who wasn’t ashamed of an abortion, descended on…

Flashback: Howard Zinn warned Americans of rationalizing torture; ‘The truth comes out’

The following interview was conducted by Raw Story editor John Byrne in September of 2005. Howard Zinn, a critically acclaimed historian and political scientist, was author of the “People’s History of the United States,” a radical and popular retelling of United States history. Zinn wrote fifteen books and was a…

About the media “exclusives”

D-day speaks truth: Actually, who betrayed the public is you, the media, again, because you just couldn’t stand not being insiders for ten minutes and waiting out the pick and maybe using those resources of staking out potential candidates’ homes and working the phones on, I don’t know, illegal wars…

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