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Stephen Colbert: TSA should give all young Muslims involuntary colonoscopy

In a desultory rant Tuesday night, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert jabbed conservatives who are promoting racial profiling and more radical techniques after the failed Christmas bomb plot against a commercial jetliner. “Every time a young Muslim man arrives at the airport, the TSA should respectfully take him aside and give…

DeMint: ‘Unionization’ a threat to airport security

Update at bottom: GOP may share some blame on TSA ‘ineptness’ Republican senator Jim DeMint used the attempted attack on a airplane bound for Detroit as an excuse to voice opposition to unions. Absent any other television guests interested in countering Senator DeMint’s assertions, Fox News provided him a national…

Nothing To Fear But Your Intrusive Government Scaring You

More competent totalitarian creeping, please. The post-9/11 airline watch list that is supposed to keep terrorists off of airplanes has swelled to more than 1 million names, including at least one investigative reporter who had been critical of the Transportation Security Agency, which maintains the watch list. CNN’s Drew Griffin…

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