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Wingnutteria sez: We’ve always been at war with Arabia

For today’s entry in the “it doesn’t matter how evil/stupid/intellectually dishonest it is, if it pisses off the liberals, it’s gold” genre, I bring you Tucker Carlson defending the nutbar-dominated Texas School Board for their particular spin on the “everyone let’s hate Muslims now” frenzy. Some school board members are…

Things Like Rape: Not Being Raped At All

Tucker Carlson’s new site, The Generic Conservative News Forum launched…recently. Maybe today? Maybe last week? I don’t really give a fuck, but anyway, conservative person Matt Labash has a column where people ask him questions and he gives funny, cutting edge answers. Like this: Pick three government programs you would…

Tucker Carlson still has a job?

Seriously, he actually did this It’s too much to hope that MSNBC will fire this asshole – unless it’s for stealing Chris Matthews’ schtick – but you might drop MSNBC a line about this anyway: Discussing Sen. Hillary Clinton’s decision to remain in the presidential race, MSNBC senior campaign correspondent…

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