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Tattooed shrunken head relic returns to New Zealand

ROUEN, France (AFP) – The tattooed, shrunken head of a Maori warrior starts a long voyage home to New Zealand on Monday when France hands the mystic relic back more than a century after explorers took it away. At the town hall in Rouen, northwest of Paris, Maori elders will…

Olbermann mocks ‘culture warrior’ O’Reilly for allegedly reading Playboy in front of children

Bill O’Reilly, the self-branded “culture warrior” who purports to stand for “traditional values,” allegedly has a thing for Playboy magazine. Upon leaning this, MSNBC’s liberal host Keith Olbermann couldn’t resist taking a pot shot at his old arch-nemesis, giving the right-wing pundit his “Worst Person” award even in the face…