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Friday Genius Ten “Yeah, I Will Immediately Think Of 15 More” Edition

Jim and Greg on Sound Opinions put together their mixtapes of their favorite songs of the “aughts”, and while I thought a lot choices were perfect—Flaming Lips, Outkast, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem—there was one band I can’t believe they completely forgot (while putting on The Strokes, no less! A…

Friday Random Ten “You Say Eddie! We Say Casino!” Edition

Ten songs at random from your MP3s. Leave ‘em in comments. 1) “Do Your Love Me”—Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers 2) “Gold Lion”—The Yeah Yeah Yeahs 3) “Who Cares”—Gnarls Barkley 4) “Stop, Look, and Listen”—Devo 5) “Never Gonna Give You Up”—Cake 6) “No One Knows”—Asa 7) “Brace Yourself”—Les Savy Fay…