Josh Powell and his family. Screenshot via CBS.

Washington man burns down house, killing self and children

Officers in Graham, Washington found the bodies of a father and his two children on Sunday, after the man apparently set his own home ablaze.

According to CBS News, Josh Powell set his home ablaze with his two sons, seven-year-old Charles and five-year-old Braden, trapped with him. Powell’s wife, Susan, has been missing since 2009, and Powell has denied any involvement with her disappearance.

Just 10 minutes before the incident, Josh Powell delivered an email to his lawyer that read, “I’m sorry, Goodbye.”

WATCH: Video from the Associated Press, which was published on February 5, 2012.

Written by | Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones is a staff writer/reporter for Raw Story. Besides covering politics, he is also a freelance sports journalist, as well as a slam poetry and music artist. You can follow him on Twitter @sluggahjells.

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