Rep Cliff Stearns by the House Republican Conference

Florida Rep. Cliff Stearns Thinks Women “Making” An Abortion Should Face Criminal Charges

I wrote last week about PRENDA and how the Republicans are attempting to push a narrative that the “real” war on women is being waged by Democrats and President Obama because they are perfectly willing to allow the murder of pre-born girls. I also wrote that that particular narrative is a crock.

Nonetheless, Cliff Stearns went off the deep end last week, when, in defending PRENDA, he claimed that criminal charges should be the punishment for women who terminate a pregnancy:

MATTHEWS: So it should be a criminal matter for the woman as well as the doctor?

STEARNS: I think so. You are killing an embryo and in some cases you are killing an embryo that is four or five months into gestation.


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This is where we are, folks. Republicans are advocating that women who make a choice about their own bodies be subject to criminal charges for it.  What’s next?  Throwing women in jail for crimes against the unborn?


Oh wait — We’re already doing that.

Written by | ABL

ABL aka Angry Black Lady aka Imani Gandy is a recovering attorney with a burning love of fire and perfectly-constructed sentences. The “anger” portion of her moniker stems not from her displeasure at the hellscape that American politics has become, but rather is a symptom of the pituitary tumor which has been indefinitely detained in her brain since 2006. When she’s not pointing out that people are wrong on the Internet – or writing for Balloon Juice, The Grio, The Team Uterati Wiki Project, or RH Reality Check -- she likes long sits on the beach. Also, she thinks gravity is a real downer. You can follow her on Twitter at @AngryBlackLady.

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