The Wire, The Musical . Screenshot via Funny or Die.

Funny or Die makes ‘The Wire: The Musical’

The folks at Funny or Die decided to release Tuesday morning a musical parody of the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire.

The very surprising video features some of the show’s iconic starts playing their character’s roles while singing in a carefree light heartedness that is a complete contrast of the gritty and dangerous nature of The Wire. From Michael Kenneth Williams displaying a jovial side to his drug dealing, tough-guy character Omar to Andre Royo giving his drug addicted Bubbles some deep baritone tuning, it is quite the colorful display.

No word yet on whether there will be a musical of The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, or Game of Thrones.

WATCH: Video from Funny or Die, from June 5, 2012.

The Wire: The Musical with Michael Kenneth Williams from Michael Kenneth Williams

Written by | Andrew Jones

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