President Barack Obama. Screenshot via Youtube.

WATCH LIVE: Obama speaks on the economy in Ohio

President Barack Obama made a campaign stop in Ohio Thursday to address the state of the U.S. economy.

A campaign email said, “The President will speak about the choice facing Americans this November — a choice between the failed economic policies of the past and a future that rewards hard work and playing by the rules. He’ll explain why this is a make-or-break moment for middle-class families.”

Watch the video, streaming live on MSNBC, scheduled to begin at 1:45 p.m.

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Written by | Kay Steiger

Kay Steiger is the managing editor of Raw Story. Her contributions have appeared in The American Prospect, The Atlantic, Campus Progress, The Guardian, In These Times, Jezebel, Religion Dispatches, RH Reality Check, and others. You can follow her on Twitter @kaysteiger.

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