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Obama raps China, Romney in debut campaign bus tour

President Barack Obama heralded his first re-election campaign bus tour with a new trade blast at China and fresh accusations his White House foe Mitt Romney helped send US jobs abroad. Obama set off through bellwether Ohio on his sleek, black, armored bus, touting his rescue of the US auto industry and contrasting his

Romney in balancing act on health law ‘tax’

Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney has appeared to contradict previous campaign statements by saying President Barack Obama’s health reform law entails a “tax” and not a penalty. Romney, who enacted a similar healthcare overhaul when he was governor of Massachusetts, has had to reassure fellow conservatives who despise so-called “Obamacare” without appearing to

As Romney chills out on holiday, VP chatter heats up

WASHINGTON — White House hopeful Mitt Romney is making the most of a family vacation at their lavish New Hampshire lakefront compound, but there is a question he can’t seem to jet-ski away from: who will he pick as his running mate? The Republican flag bearer has a week of fun and sun, sports

Mitt Romney’s campaign fails Venn diagram class

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney may have graduated cum laude from Harvard, but his campaign clearly failed Venn Diagrams 101. On Monday, the campaign released a Venn diagram that attempted to show President Barack Obama had not kept his promises about lowering the costs of health care. The left circle in the diagram

Bachmann does not deny she is being vetted

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) on Monday refused to say whether or not she was being considered as a running mate for Mitt Romney. “One thing I know about Mitt Romney, he’s made excellent decisions in the past when it comes to running organizations and I have no doubt, whoever it is, that he chooses,

Mitt Romney to travel to Israel this summer: campaign

WASHINGTON — White House hopeful Mitt Romney will travel to Israel this summer, his campaign said Monday, an apparent appeal to Jewish voters and donors who overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama in 2008. The Republican challenging President Obama in November’s election will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his Holy Land visit, a Romney

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