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News outlets to fight Romney campaign over food, travel expenses

While the election ended over a month ago, relations between news outlets and the Romney campaign may become even more fraught in the near future. Multiple organizations are preparing to file an official complaint regarding large charges billed to them by the campaign for meals and other events, reported BuzzFeed. It is common practice

Gunman wearing Romney mask robs Virginia bank

A man carrying a long gun and wearing what appeared to be a Mitt Romney mask robbed a bank in Sterling, Virginia on Thursday. WRC-TV’s Pat Collins reported that the robbery “was not a grab-and-go type of operation” because the suspect went to all five tellers demanding money before he escaped. Surveillance photos clearly

Norquist: Obama might ‘blow up small countries’ for fun

Anti-tax lobbyist Grover Norquist says that President Barack Obama will have to “blow up small countries” because Republicans will not let him have “any fun at all” spending taxpayers’ money. “Obama will be on a very short leash, fiscally speaking, over the next four years,” Norquist told C-SPAN on Thursday. “He’s not gonna have

Obama’s pollster: Republicans have a tolerance problem

Obama's pollster: Republicans have a tolerance problem Much has been made of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s catastrophic performance last month among Latino voters – just 27 percent to President Obama’s 71 percent. Now at 10 percent of the American electorate, Latinos are the nation’s fastest-growing minority. Suddenly, Republicans are…  

Rep. Blackburn: Republicans ‘are the party of big ideas’

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on Sunday insisted that Republicans opposed raising taxes on the wealthy and supported cutting earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare because they were “the party of big ideas.” “Inside the caucus, what people are looking at is how do we solve the system-wide problem,” she explained to CNN’s

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