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Obama’s inauguration committee to accept corporate cash

President Obama’s inauguration in January will be funded in part by corporate cash, a reversal from 2008 when he declined corporate donations and capped individual donations to $50,000, reported the Washington Post. Donations from both corporate donors and individuals to the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee will not have an upper limit, although the committee

Fox News celebrates Michigan union busting as ‘Victory for Capitalism!’

The Fox News morning show Fox & Friends on Friday declared that a law in Michigan that weakens unions was a “Victory for Capitalism!” On Thursday, the Republican-controlled state legislature in Michigan had quickly pushed through a new measure that would make the birthplace of the country’s labor movement a right-to-work state, crippling unions

Ron Paul super PAC spent most of its money on non-campaign activities

The pro-Ron Paul group Revolution PAC spent 83 percent of its $1.2 million total fundraising haul on administrative costs and not on campaign activities, Bloomberg News revealed Tuesday. Bloomberg‘s report noted that Revolution PAC director Gary Franchi paid himself and his companies roughly $153,000, including money for the PAC’s rent. The PAC is just

Nugent: Budget deal should suspend welfare recipients’ voting rights

Conservative rocker Ted Nugent is urging the Republican Party to “stop the insanity” and insist that voting rights be suspended for welfare recipients as a part of a larger budget deal. In his Monday Washington Times column, Nugent ranted that talk about raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans proved that Washington was a “financial

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