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Colo. students arrested after serving pot brownies to classmates, professor

Two students from the University of Colorado have been arrested after serving pot brownies to classmates and a professor on Dec. 7, reported the Associated Press. The history professor reportedly became dizzy and complained of losing consciousness, according to university spokesperson Ryan Huff, reported the Daily Camera. One student’s mother claimed her daughter went

Spree of Porsche headlight thefts blamed on cannabis growers

One would expect the high-power headlights of luxury car brand Porsche to be pretty good at startling deer and blinding other drivers. But according to rumours circulating in Amsterdam, their high-intensity discharge (HID) xenon lamps are good for cultivating cannabis too. At the last count, 35 sets of headlights have been reported stolen from

With marijuana now legal in Washington, what’s next?

With marijuana officially legalized in Washington, and Colorado set to join within the next 30 days, Americans are about to get a glimpse at what the future might look like with a radically altered drug war. But that progress also begs the question: Where does the movement to end prohibition go from here? “I’ve

Reactionary bans of ‘synthetic marijuana’ could limit scientific research

So-called “synthetic marijuana” mixtures of synthesized chemicals and plant matter sent nearly 12,000 people to emergency rooms across the U.S. in 2010, according to a study released Tuesday — a statistic that could encourage lawmakers to limit synthetic chemicals associated with the products even further. Statistics released by the government’s Drug Abuse Warning Network

California court saves nation’s largest pot shop from eviction

The owner of Oakland’s Harborside Health Center, widely regarded as the nation’s largest medical marijuana dispensary, won a major court victory on Friday when a state judge ruled that a landlord cannot evict the business for activities explicitly protected under state law. Speaking to Raw Story on Monday, Harborside executive director Steve DeAngelo couldn’t

Former Microsoft exec plans high-end marijuana business

A former Microsoft executive and Washington state resident is planning to enter the upscale marijuana business, in the hopes that it will help bring some respectability to the industry, reported KiroTV. Jamen Shively plans to name his business after his grandfather, who supplied hemp rope to the Spanish Armada at the time of the

Medical marijuana supporters in Illinois fear planned monopoly

Medical marijuana supporters in Illinois are accusing two businessmen of blocking legalization as they maneuver to control the future market for the drug, reported My Fox Chicago. Jim Merlo — one of the two men who created the company Medponics, which claims its technology could “track, trace and tax” medical marijuana — claims he

Former Last.fm executive blames marijuana for sex assault

Stefan Glaenzer, the former chairman of Internet radio provider Last.fm, pleaded guilty recently to allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman on the London Underground in August. The millionaire and current chairman of the investment group Passion Capital told a British magistrate that he’s used marijuana for years and was on “a drugs binge”

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